Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Am Never Alone

© mariakath

In times of darkness You showed the light,
I knew You were there
Oh, how You've touched me when I was
drowning in despair
You called me when I was lonely and lost
You gave me Your guiding love,
You gave me warmth when I was cold and numb
And everywhere I turn to, I knew
I'd find You
Leading me out of the creepy shadows,
casting away my fears and sorrow
With You I am safe, I am blessed
I'm not worthy at all yet You offered me
Your forgiveness
And who am I to be so scared?
Your kindness and affection, Your loving
protection and all You are is my strength
And as I walk forth, spending every second
of this life to You I owe
Deep within my heart, my Lord,
You were there and I know for certain
Through all these times, I am never alone
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