Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Strength

© mariakath

When the world left us all alone
Who do we turn to?
When things get lost and out of control
Who do we call onto?
There'd be times when our eyes
get filled with tears
And our hearts get flooded with
yearnings and fears
Who'll be there to open up
the door and the windows
And let the light creep in to dissolve
yesterday's shadows?
Life can be so hard and at times
we just couldn't help
But think that maybe it's best to
give up on fighting today's circumstances
but it's also life which proves us how
we could be so wrong
To believe that we can never be
too strong
We could be so lonely but if we just
look up above
There will always be our Amazing God
to back us up and show us Great
and Eternal Love
He hears us when we call
or even when we cry
Why not let Him be the Reason to live
each day with a smile?
For the Lord is our Healer from each
and every pain
He is our Strength and He'll guide us
all through the way
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