Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forever Your Love Will Remain

© mariakath

Though life may be shattered and drawn with emptiness
You are the One that fills me with hope and love
Surround me with joy and peace
For only You could calm my weary mind and heart

You cover me with the warmth of Your embrace
When I feel so cold, You comfort me
You lead me to the wonder of all Your ways
With You is the safest place I could ever be

Everything that happens, happens for a reason
And I know the reason is Your will
Your plans are present in every season
In perfect time, the hurting wounds are going to heal

You gently fix what's torn and broken inside
If only I give You all the pieces
My deep worries and pain would suddenly subside
You save me from my weaknesses

There is no other whom I could turn to easily
No other whom I could run onto
When fears and sorrow and darkness besiege me
There is no other to lean onto, only to You

My Lord, all my life I'll be holding on to everything You do
And believe on the promises You've made
Let me walk closer 'cause I've been needing You
I trust that Your love for me will never ever gonna fade
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