Tuesday, May 29, 2012

His Little Girl

Once there was a shy little girl who used to spend the morning sitting alone on the staircase. There, she silently read a book that's kind of huge and thick. Some of the kids around their place would have wondered why it was what she loves to read.

For her, it was like a time travelling machine which has taken her to the Garden of Eden, the place where she gets to meet the first human-beings, Adam and Eve. It has made her witness how Jonah has been swallowed up by a great fish, has ridden with the animals at Noah's ark during the great flood, seen how David has beaten Goliath and showed her events that has happened from the past. Every time she holds it she finds adventures from long time ago and it has made her enjoy reading the most.

One cold morning, she went back to her favorite place, and did what she always does. But it was certainly different from those that passed. She realized that book contains precious words she quite understands, but suddenly, she found a great treasure which captured her young heart. It was like there's a wonderful voice behind it that just started to give her joy deep inside. That moment, an encounter with God had just begun.

As her soft tiny hand turned from page to page, promises are revealed and slowly, sweet inspirations appeared.
“I will never leave you. I will never forsake you”, she heard Him say.
Then sun seemed to shine brighter and brighter as she found her blues roll away. Right then, she put her hands together and silently prayed, “Thank You God for letting me know You care”. Immediately, she went back reading and like a whisper, heard new words, “You are My child, My princess… for I am your Father, the King of kings and Lord of lords”.

Those words painted pictures in her mind, like Jesus was holding her hand as they walk together. It was as though He was showing her the Kingdom of God. Her naive heart which would’ve pounded with confusion and fear, suddenly remained calm and still-- and then felt a beautiful feeling. Though she was still sleepy, she knew she wasn't dreaming. And not like the movies and fairy tales, she can tell this one’s for real.

All those times she journeyed through her Bible she never thought she'd be drawn near to His presence but God made it possible. It doesn't matter how young she was for Him to reach out and touch her.

It wasn’t everyday that she would hear that still small voice but she knew God delights in her and was more than a precious pearl in His sight. And as she continually cherishes that precious book and listens to the voice that speaks, the Lord covers her with unending love and grace. From that morning until forever, God will wrap this little girl tightly in His warm embrace.

photo credit: jpadfx.deviantart.com