Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Night in February

© mariakath

I wasn't waiting for this moment but it still came
I was trying to ignore
But there was no escape
Dimming lights caught me up once more
All I knew was that it's you I'm looking for

Don't wanna hold anybody else's hands but yours
Don't wanna dance with anyone, just with you alone
Yes, it was another wishful thinking
And I can't help but ask myself such things
Like, will I ever really see the lights dance in your eyes?
Will I ever feel the warmth brought up by your smile?

I wanna hear the music sweet as you say my name
But like those yesterdays, everything seemed just the same
In this cold and dreary evening,
your absence make me tired of waiting...
Hey, it's another night in February
And I'm still wishing you were here with me
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