Friday, June 26, 2015

Why Is Love Taking So Long?

You know this kind of moment? When couples walk past or sit together in front of you. Holding hands. Talking and laughing together. With sweet gestures and all. While you... eating burger and sipping soda by yourself, envying the way it's not the same for you.

And you keep asking, "Why is love taking so long?"

When you find them lovers everywhere you are. At the coffee shop. At the movies. Even at the office. Mall. Book stores. Neighborhood's yard. You can name every place you know. Their presence seem to haunt you, right?

Well, it seems not just a matter which you can just shake off of your head and thoughts. It can be something calling out the war between your heart and the desires dwelling in it.
I feel you.

I've walked through the same lonely road where threats of bitterness lurks around. Got love ended before it even started. Felt rejection, torn trust and broken heart. So, tired moving my feet to get through that painful journey, I nearly embraced the thought that there is no need to wait for love... being alone is my destiny.

Perhaps, you have asked the same question I used to ask myself, "Am I really meant to be alone for the rest of my life?"

The answer is no. Never.

But you ask again, "why is love taking so long?"

1. LOVE IS WAITING for you.

Tell you what. Lately, it has been more clear to me. I have realized that it is already there waiting for me. The same thing goes for you, too. Remember our first love? Jesus. He is waiting for us to come back... He is right there where we have left Him since the day we decided to travel on that lonely road, alone. The Love who came down to have our hearts, has been waiting for us to remember that He walked by our side on those moments we desperately wish we were with someone else. Our LORD is still doing that today, even though we consistently ignore Him.

So many times we get hurt because we're looking for love on the wrong places. Look above. God is the only source of love which we hunger for because He Himself is love. He is the only One who can promise us a forever and make it come true. Only His love is eternal. Only His love shed at the cross showed you are to die for. Choose Him first.

Love is waiting for you, how willing are you to come to Him?

We can chase anything but Jesus and one day we'll find that it is way more than love that we're lacking. But if we commit ourselves to Him, we'll get more than we ever hoped for.

Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight yourself in the Lord , and he will give you the desires of your heart."

2. LOVE IS WAITING for the right person at the perfect time.

When we are ready to embrace the love that God has for us and decide to delight in His presence, we can be sure that our hearts in His hands are safe and secured. And He will not allow just anyone to take our hearts. Who among us wants to get broken anyway? And our God loves us so much that He would never allow us to experience that, unless we step outside of His protection.

So I say, wait upon the LORD. Waiting might be harder and tiring for you right now, but trust that He has plans. Do not focus so much on the time you think it would take before it arrives. Instead, work on being the right person for that one whom God will give you. Your singleness is the best time to serve the Lord, learn more about life and prepare yourself for the future.

As Joshua Harris have said in his book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, "When God knows you're ready for the responsibility of commitment, He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances."

God is concerned on you, being the right one as much as He is concerned on you marrying the person He has called to take care of your heart. So take this time of waiting as the time of preparation for the fulfillment of the  wonderful love story which God is writing for you. Trust Him.

It might seem that love is taking too long but it will be on it's way. On that perfect day, love will find your heart where it belongs and you will thank God because He allowed you to wait.