Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015 at 08:13AM

There are moments when we feel left out on our own. Betrayed. Rejected. Ignored. Oh that bitter taste of abandonment and painful stings of loneliness.

At those times, it's so easy to close our doors or build a wall so that no one can come in... so that no one can dump us to ourselves once again. It's so easy to run away from the world and create our own in the four corners of our room... so that no one can hurt us anymore. It's so easy to isolate ourselves and stay in the company of music. So that no one can stab our hearts any deeper than the wounds we already have. It's so easy to act like we are fine so we can cover the state of our whole being.

It's so easy to keep a distance because people and their words can really be harmful. It's so easy to pretend we don't need anyone. But we do.

Maybe, you're going through all these right now. And maybe you keep believing in yourself that you need help from no one. Because others have caused you a lot of pain. Because you have lost your trust in them. Because they have turned their backs on you over and over again.

But let me tell you that you cannot hide and pretend that you don't know the truth. That your heart yearns for someone who is true to you. Who really cares. Who can understand you. Somewhere in the corner of your mind you are searching for a hand brave enough to reach out to you and help you stand. Deep within you is a part which hopes that you can have someone beside you to encourage you to go on. Because you still want to fight a little more and go on.

And let me tell you that you have someone. Unlock that door, break your wall. Stop running and take that headphones off for a moment... and look up. It may seem to you that no one loves you. But believe this: You are never alone. You have God and He is with you. His hands are always reaching out to you... you just got to stretch out yours and hold on to Him so He can help you get up on your feet again. What others did... He won't do to you.

I've also walked on the same shoes before. But God never failed when I chose to trust in Him.
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