Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 06, 2015 at 09:18PM

"No man can tell you who you are as a woman. No man is the verdict on your soul... Only God can tell you who you are. Only God can speak the answer you need to hear." — John and Stasi Eldredge

When I was younger, I did not believe that I am beautiful (perhaps, you would agree if you just see my old photos). In this world where outer beauty seems to matter so much to girls and women, I was at risk on drowning to that belief about myself. Because others said so. Because I thought so. Hence, it was quite easy back then to give away my heart to someone who made me feel like they see my worth as though having them would validate my essence as a young woman. It was driven by the hopes that somehow others might have been wrong or I have just overlooked myself. Now this is an ugly truth.

But my faith in God slowly took away the wrong thoughts and made me realize that no man can define me... not their compliments, not their words of affirmation, not even the interest they show me. It is only God who sees me accurately— imperfections, flaws and all. And as I grow in my walk with Him, He makes my heart beautiful and takes it outside for others to see. He makes me believe that I have beauty in me and that gives me the confidence to become more of myself than try to be anyone else.

Ladies, no one can ever be the reason we'll bloom and become better, only Him and His love. No other words can even define who we are, only His Word.
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