Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Behind the Names

I still cannot get over this. For years, I thought the only meaning of Maria is "bitter". I didn't like it but do I have a choice? They say, sometimes, you live out what your name stands for. Then one night when I was bored, I searched for name meanings again and found out that it came most likely from the Egyptian word "mr" which means "love", or "mry" which means "beloved". Now I have a choice. I choose love and be a channel of it or even beloved— because in Christ I am. Kathrina, on the other hand, means "pure". I am praying He will help me live it out.

Do you know that name-giving is a way of worship to God for His faithfulness which is accounted in the Bible? Isaac for example means "he laughs". In Genesis 21:6 it is written, "And Sarah declared, 'God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me.'"

Another great thing is God even changes names of people. Isaac's father was named Abram. But God said in Genesis 17:5, "What's more, I am changing your name. It will no longer be Abram. Instead, you will be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many nations." Jacob, which means "deceiver" was changed by God to Israel when this man wrestled with God from night until dawn (Gen. 32:22-32). It means "God fights". This is one of the truths that makes the Bible so wonderful and interesting to read and follow.

And you know, God still does it today, to us, and to you through Jesus. You call yourself "worthless" but He calls you "precious". You were "slave", He calls you "redeemed"... "helpless" but now "rescued". You call yourself "abandoned" but in Christ He calls you "mine".

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