Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Closed Doors

I believe God intentionally closes doors to protect us from thieves, and intruders that harm our hearts. I am grateful for that fact. Trust God, they say. Okay. So when He closed one, I put myself to trusting Him.

But despite that, times still came when I was trying to bang it while the other hand holds tightly to the handle hoping that He will open it as I plead. I lost all the strength I had but God still kept the door locked. I felt so bad and sad and disappointed until I had no choice but to let go and walk away from that door.

As I took steps away, I've realized that we do not really trust God if we're still camping on the other side of the door hoping He will change His mind. He won't. Otherwise, our hearts will be up for danger and disaster. So when a door was shut in front of your face, you need to turn around and walk far from it. Farther than you think you can get. Let go of the handle. And don't attempt to bang it. Trusting God fully means letting go of what He wants us to, completely.
After all, He doesn't close doors for nothing. It is always for our good.
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