Saturday, December 12, 2015

Redeem My Heart

[originally written on 6/07/2014]

© mariakathdm

Redeem my heart, oh Lord
Sanctify it, make it pure
Redeem my heart that was
once and for all blessed by Your unfailing love
Redeem my heart that is now broken and torn
Redeem my heart that is beaten up
and worn out by the thorns of this world
So many times I have carelessly
given it away, I did not obey
'Til it's left shattered
like a fallen jar of clay
Scattered down in pieces,
scarred by it's tragic past
Redeem my heart, oh, God
Let it no longer yearn to look back
Make it better than it ever was
Let You be the one it'll completely trust
For all this life can bring is nothing but burden
and fear and longing and
dissatisfaction and failures and pain
But only You can bring wholeness to my being
So fill my emptied cup once again
I sincerely ask
Restore my hurt soul and my spirit
that is wounded and crushed
My everloving Savior, my only hope
From all these troubles I cry out
Come nearer and redeem my heart

This poem was written in the season of my life when I desperately need God's redemption of my heart. I was broken during those times and still struggling for complete healing. It did took over a year for me to recover and even up until this very moment, it's still under restoration but I can say that there is a huge difference between my heart's condition then and now. And truly I can say that my Redeemer heard my pleading and prayer.
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