Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Walking in the Light

"Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path." (Psalm 119:105)
I did not grow up on a Christian family. All I knew about God was hearsay and tradition. Our faith never required us to open our Bible, so, I never read through its pages when I was young. I thought it was just meant for the church leaders and sinless people that if I touch it, I'll get my hands burned.

Hence, I wasn't aware that I live in the false doctrine of salvation until a good friend in college has shared her faith and let me read a certain book in the Bible. I remember, it was during the first time I experienced depression. It was crazy how distressed I was over the thought that I will be spending my eternal life in hell because my religion taught us that we can be saved through good works— and honestly those times, I saw myself as a sinful, filthy rag with nothing good in me. And while the latter was true, the teaching that we will be saved through faith and good works isn't.

I started to read the Bible ever since and slowly the truth was revealed to me and that's even how I've met the real and living Jesus (not the carved one hanging above the pulpit) who is the true source of salvation. I still went to the same church for a few years until the Lord lead me to a Christian church where I've been surrounded by people who helped me understand God's Word more and realize its importance. And my life was never the same again.

Had I not paid attention to what the Bible says, I might still be lost now or worse, have drowned in severe anxiety and depression. The Word is truly a lamp and light which leads us to the truth of God. Anywhere without it is a place abundant of darkness.

Are you walking in the light?

Walking in it means devoting our time to read the Bible daily. This generation has too much distractions that even us, Christians, tend to neglect it at times. We might often have more time on our smart phones— playing game apps, posting statuses on FB, checking out the likes on our Instagram or waiting on a text or chat from our friends—, than spending our quiet time with the Lord.

We often ask God for guidance but we rarely or never open the Bible. When we have questions or prayers, we expect answers through signs we or other people made up and believe it, instead of listening to His Word and following what it says. When we need wisdom or advice, we turn to social media quotes even more earnestly than to the scriptures. Our hearts are drawn so much to what the world tells us or what it shows us— which is more often a lie.

What do we get in return? Vain insights and dry spirit, instead.

God instructs us to take heed on His Word... to meditate on it day and night. Our desire to know God more and walk in His light shouldn't end when we got saved. In fact, it only starts there. We cannot live a successful Christian life if we don't know the God who the Scriptures tell about. And we cannot even live a Spirit-filled life with a darkness-filled heart. We need to turn to His Word to guide us in our journey on this earth until He comes again and take us to the place which He has promised to those who love Him and remained faithful in obeying His instructions.

How can we continue to walk in the light? Ask God to give us the desire to listen to His Word more than social media and other addictions. Start reading the Bible daily and spend quiet time with the Lord. Take delight in the Scriptures and let His light fill our hearts and brighten our spirits.

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