About Me

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Nagcarlan Grace Encounter #1
I'm [princess] Maria Kathrina.

I am not perfect. I've broken God's heart for so many times. I hurt Him. I do imperfect things, imperfect people do, and yet in spite of those imperfections, God never failed to love me perfectly.
Because of Jesus I am SAVED FOUND REDEEMED CHERISHED FORGIVEN LOVED. He died for me, so I'll live for Him.
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I'm fond of artistic expressions. I sketch and draw and scribble on a paper or even at the back of my notes. I write my name there, too, whenever I'm bored and got nothing to do. I like music. Good songs always make me wanna sing along.
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I am a weird girl, IT graduate, Business Analyst, future violinist, artist at heart, warrior princess, care group leader, youth adviser, Sunday School teacher, music listener, aspiring author, personal blogger, part-time business girl, crazy daydreamer, back-up singer, accidental sleeptexter, avid IG-er, writing wallflower, most especially a Christian believer, Jesus-follower and God's daughter...
A woman of God in the making. Aiming to live happily forever after with the Lord of all lords and King of all kings. ♥ :D

And someday, God will lead me to that right person to love... It might take time. But sure as the sun, the moon, the stars and the rain... he's worth the wait. :') ♥

P.S. My favorite author is... anonymous. Haha! just kidding.